Cycle Simcoe Launches Cycling Safety Videos

Road cycling and in particular, road cycling in groups tends to be a highly controversial topic. Misunderstandings surrounding the highway traffic act (HTA) being the primary culprit. With that in mind, Cycle Simcoe recently partnered with Tourism Simcoe County, RTO7 and Grey County, on a series of cycling safety videos. These videos, directed towards both cyclists and motorists were developed to clarify the rules of the road and encourage all road users to co-exist, practicing courtesy and truly ‘Sharing the Road’.

For more information, visit our cycling safety page:

Leave 1 Metre – it’s the LAW

The Province of Ontario recently passed a law that motorists must leave at least 1 metre when passing a cyclist. When passing a cyclist or group of cyclists be sure the road is clear of approaching traffic before merging, use your turn signal and leave at least one metre between your self and the cyclist.

Proper Group Riding by Cycle Simcoe

When riding in groups on rural roads remember to stay tight and to the right, ride in groups of 10 or less and go single file on narrow roads, blind spots or hills so cars can safely pass.

Safe Cycling Techniques

Cyclists are considered vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act. When cycling on rural side roads and through town please remember to wear bright colours, use hand signals, stop at stop signs and walk on sidewalks.

How to Safely Pass a Cyclist

Did you know that it is now the law to leave at least 1 metre of space between your vehicle and a cyclist when passing? It’s true.

When approaching a cyclist or group of cyclists on the road, please practice safe passing techniques – be sure the road is clear of approaching traffic before passing, leave at least one metre of space and use your signal much like passing a car.

For more information, visit the Cycle Simcoe Safety page.