Hardwood Next Wave

With Canadian Championships only 2 weeks away, it’s a perfect time to share our latest video about Hardwood Ski and Bike and the influence the facility has had on Canada’s top riders.

For over 20 years, Hardwood Ski and Bike has run programs, like the Devo team (short for development), which has since morphed into the Hardwood Next Wave team. The purpose, to discover young talent and create a fun and progressive development program for our next generation of cross country mountain bike athletes.

Racing at Hardwood Ski and Bike

Canadian Championships will be hosted at Hardwood Ski and Bike on July 20th, but this isn’t their first crack at hosting a cycling event.

Check out the video and learn more!

Canadian Championships is free for spectators. Come out on July 20th and cheer on Canada’s top mountain bike athletes! To learn more, visit: pulseracing.ca.

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